The Strategy Game

41 Essays on Playing to Win for Competitive Advantage

Barry Horwitz has been an independent strategy consultant for over 20 years. He has guided strategy development for a broad range of organizations from startups through Fortune 500 companies and a diverse group of nonprofit organizations.

Praise for “The Strategy Game”

“Trusted corporate advisor and strategy professor Barry Horwitz distills 41 years of wisdom into 41 pithy essays, unveiling the intricate art and science of strategic thinking in a highly readable style.  I loved reading it, and will go back to it as a handy reference.”

— Nikhil Bhojwani – Founder and Managing Partner, Recon Strategy LLC

“I *love* reading your newsletters and now, the collected wisdom in your book The Strategy Game. Each article is pithy, packed with useful advice, and is a model of clear thinking and writing. I have shared many with colleagues.”

— Mike Gennert – Prof. Emeritus, Robotics Engineering / CS / ECE Departments, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Barry Horwitz’s The Strategy Game brilliantly distills the essence of competitive advantage through 40 or so insightful essays. A must-read for anyone looking to master the art of strategic thinking in today’s dynamic business landscape.”

— Mike Troiano – Storyteller, Partner – G20 Ventures

“After teaching strategy for more than 13-years, I am always looking for more clear and impactful ideas to help communicate the critical role strategy plays in business.  While I have long been a fan of The Strategy Game newsletter—it has consistently provided the right mix of substance and impact— this compilation is gold. It provides an excellent foundation and is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of strategy.”

— Jerry Potts – Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

“Barry Horwitz’s great experience as a strategy consultant helping a variety of companies shines through in The Strategy Game. In this book, you will find a compelling mix of strategy theory and practice. The examples are new, unique, and relatable. The advice given is easy to understand and will undoubtedly help readers set successful strategies within their own companies.“

— Ian Mashiter – Curriculum Director at Innovate@BU, and James E. Freeman Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Questrom School of Business, Boston University