Customer Testimonials

Barry brings to his engagement with KinTrans a rich background of experience and knowledge that have propelled us to 're-think' and question our strategic decisions through a new lens. He maximizes his time with us by being direct and succinct with his insights, making every minute valuable. Most importantly, we trust him in every turn of our business lifecycle.

Catherine Bentley

Co-founder & Business Development Officer, Kin Trans Inc.
c-aura Your analysis enhanced our understanding of the markets we were planning to enter, and enabled us to do a better job of focusing our efforts on the right issues and on the right channels for our new product line launch. I was impressed by your ability to quickly learn our business, and to bring us new insights that were very helpful in the development of our marketing plan.

Chip Marshall

COO, Aura Communications, Inc.
C-CIVITAS Your advice from the outset has been valuable — and encouraging.

Lori Geissenhainer

Founder, Civitas
As a startup organization it is always challenging to find time to pause, assess and define the best path for success. Barry Horwitz quickly came to understand the complexities of our organization and guided us through a strategic planning process that helped bring better focus and define a clear path forward for the organization.

Dana A. Ball

CEO, Unitio and Executive Director of the T1D Exchange
c-cuisinesolutions Barry has provided our company with thoughtful insight and valuable counsel during key decision periods in the company's existence.

Michael McCloud

Executive VP, Vie de France Corp. / Cuisine Solutions
c-huntalternative What a truly amazing afternoon – you could feel the excitement as people came together, inspiring collaboration and exchanging ideas, to improve youth arts. Thank you so much for donating your time, your expertise, and your talent.

Swanee Hunt

Founder and Chair, Hunt Alternatives Fund
The work that Barry Horwitz did for Kryptonite was of tremendous benefit to us. He was able to pull together a business model for a totally new enterprise in record time that really hit the nail on the head. Based on his work, we launched a program into the computer security field that has been successful beyond our expectations. Barry is a real pro!

Gary Furst

CEO, Kryptonite Lock Corporation
c-passim You successfully led a very tough project and persevered when many others might have faltered.  You taught us a lot, and we are the better for it.

Dan Hogan

Executive Director, Passim
c-ViaCord I truly appreciate your ability to grasp the fundamentals of our business quickly, to bring insights both to the strategic issues as well as practical suggestions regarding tactical execution.

Grant Bogle

President, ViaCord
Thank you so much for all of your vision, hard work, patience, and clear thinking. You did an outstanding job! I am amazed how far our Board and leadership have come and grown through this process with your guidance.  I honestly think you have provided Sherrill House with the tools we need to survive, and hopefully prosper.

Allene Pierson

Chair of Strategic Planning Committee, Sherrill House Inc.
Barry Horwitz is an excellent strategy consultant. He worked with our organization, a health and human services not for profit, through our 5 year strategic plan and associated business plan. Although Barry had significant experience in not for profits he had not worked in the health and human services space before. His level of research, knowledge, framework and extremely personable style guided us through a lengthy but very much needed process. I should add we were a somewhat unwilling team so he project led and pushed us in the best way through the process. I highly recommend Barry.

Steve DaRe

Chief Financial Officer at Chimes
Charity Navigator Barry is a smart and insightful strategy consultant who helped us a great deal as we developed our theory of change and strategic plan for Charity Navigator… His efforts were above and beyond what one normally receives from the typical consulting arrangement. He offered great patience, critical thinking, focus and intelligence that infused the plans with extremely insightful, practical and clear content.

Ken Berger

CEO, Charity Navigator
c-CLF Many thanks for giving us some potentially powerful catalysts to greater coherence and consistency in CLF’s advocacy and market interventions. We’ve got our work cut out for us in implementing these tools, and I’m sure we’ll have some questions along the way. Your efforts are already much appreciated, and will be valued even more highly once we’ve had a chance to experience the positive results of your good work.

Phil Warburg

President, Conservation Law Foundation
George Washington University Barry was great to work with as we developed our strategic plan. He quickly came to an understanding of the complexity of our operations and did a wonderful job challenging our thinking as we explored options. He kept us sharply focused on the critical issues, and his collaborative style engaged the entire leadership team to shape a compelling plan for the future of the school.

Hon. Mark Kennedy

Director, Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University,
Former US Congressman
c-NBTS A thank you that’s most sincere for the structure and thought-provoking you provided us at NBTS. There is no way we would have achieved this without your leadership and expertise.

Sharon Lamb

Board member, National Brain Tumor Society
c-NBTS Thank you for your excellent efforts on behalf of the NBTS in formulating, articulating, and preparing our strategic plan.  We appreciate your thorough approach in working with the staff and Board to produce a plan that best reflects our collective vision, mission, and goals.

Michael J. Nathanson

Chairman of the Board, National Brain Tumor Society
c-newenglandaquarium1 Barry provided keen insight on potential roles for our organization in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving field of sustainable fisheries. Most importantly, he helped us develop a practical business model that will allow for careful but highly impactful growth.

Bud Ris

CEO, New England Aquarium
vt-logotype-full-rgb Barry's skillful ability to frame the right questions empowered our planning process, drawing in a variety of constituents of varying persuasions. He coupled this with a great ability to provide brutally honest insights to our coordinating team. This process of discovery allowed us to foster innovative ideas outside of our comfort zone and, ultimately produce a solid plan and to garner the buy-in necessary to execute.

Dr. Laurie Betting

Co-chair of Strategic Planning Committee at the University of North Dakota
Barry facilitated meetings for our strategic planning task force, an experienced group looking to the future for a mature organization. He customized his approach to match our needs, resulting in very thoughtful and productive discussions and a top-notch plan. Thank you.

Diane Viera

Executive Vice President and COO