Hi, Barry!  I *love* reading your newsletters. They are pithy, packed with wisdom, and are a model of clear thinking and writing. I have shared many with colleagues.

Mike Gennert

Robotics and Engineering Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I read The Strategy Game every month because I take away something useful every time. Barry’s both insightful and thorough, and the combination of interesting ideas and grown-up analysis is hard to beat.

Mike Troiano

Entrepreneur, Venture Storyteller
Partner, G20 Ventures

Barry, I thought this note on pricing [The Price is (Sometimes) Right (December 2021)] was well done and very sensible.  I typically don’t read such things, even from my ex-students who I feel a strong bond with, because of time pressure.  But, somehow I did get pulled in, and found it to be very worthwhile.  Congratulations.

Benson P. Shapiro

Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing, Emeritus
Harvard Business School

Love your newsletter.  Gives me great food for thought and the content is relevant and actionable.  I look forward to getting it!

Jerry Potts

Board Chair, Passim
Adjunct Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

This is the first consulting-esque newsletter which I read from head to toe. Nice job.

Deb Devedjian

Former Boston Consulting Group consultant
Founder, The Chisel

Great topic, and reliable information, as always.

Ryan Jockers

Strategic Analytics Coordinator
North Dakota University System

You get 2 “A’s”.  One for perseverance and the other for the relevance and quality of these newsletters.  They’re really excellent.

Steve Diamond

Partner, Globalpraxis

Every time I try to cut a newsletter from my feed, I give it one last read before unsubscribing. Time and again, your wise and concise newsletter makes the cut. In spades!

Mark Holman

Managing Principal Consultant
Strategic FundRaising Solutions

Excellent article — thoughtful and concise! As always Barry, you are making me rethink some recent decisions. Hope all is well.

Michael Barker

CEO, AVID Insight