Market Analysis

Growth strategies often require a clear understanding of new market segments or the reactions of existing customers to new products. We conduct an objective assessment of market potential that helps clarify the most effective way to go to market—which segments to serve, which products to offer and which channels to employ. Here are examples of results we’ve achieved.

Kryptonite Lock

This market-leading bicycle-lock manufacturer wanted to leverage the strength of its brand into new market segments. We and the CEO selected one area from several under consideration and then studied the best way to approach that segment. We helped craft a cooperative agreement with another supplier that had strong channel access and to co-brand the new product so that it reached the market quickly. Growth from the launch of this product line was a critical factor in the sale of the company to Ingersoll Rand.

Second Time Around

We assisted a new private equity investor in this consignment-fashion retail chain in getting a better understanding of the needs and interests of their constituents. Since this business has two overlapping customer groups (consigners and consumers), it was critical to understand their respective needs. The understanding we gained guided the development of new marketing and communications approaches to better serve their customers and grow the business.